Who are they?

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Boroondara Express Championship players: Kate Eddy, Emma Ryde, Matilda Garrett



Kate Eddy (above) selected in the NSW Swifts SSNL 2018 team

Matilda Garrett (below) selected in the Collingwood Magpies SSNL 2018 team

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 Sam Gooden & Matilda Garrett, 2017 Collingwood Magpies;


Tegan Stephenson (Boroondara Express 19U team) selected in the AUS 17U squad

Club Information

Who are we and where did we come from?

The Boroondara Netball Association is affiliated with Netball Victoria, within the Chisholm Region and Central East Zone and involves approximately 3500 people - our vision “To be the leading sporting association, committed to the provision of attainable pathways to the top in all aspects of netball, enabling individuals to achieve their personal best within a caring community environment”.

 The Boroondara Express VNL Club is administered by a sub-committee of the Boroondara Netball Association (BNA) under a separate operational plan and budget funded by the Boroondara Netball Association.


  • Boroondara Netball Association:      the major financial supporter of Boroondara Express
  • Anytime Fitness:                                  free training facilities for Boroondara Express 
  • Champion Teamwear:                         free uniform for players, coaches & team personnel
  • Bendigo Community Bank:                financial support of HRV monitoring program
  • Lifecare Sports Medicine:                  medical and allied health team personnel
  • Perana Sports:                                     state of the art Performance Analysis software  


  • Boroondara Sports Complex, Belmore Rd, North Balwyn >  5 court stadum, heated outdoor pools
  • Anytime Fitness Clubs, Kew & Balwyn: full access & gym membership
  • Boroondara Netball Centre, Macleay Park, Belmore Rd, North Balwyn > 8 synpave outdoor courts, club rooms 


Coach Director Jan Daniher

Coaching Staff

2018 click here

  • Coach Mentor
  • Individual Team Head / Assistant coaches
  • Specialist coaches
  • Sponsorship coach
  • S&C coach

Performance Analysis team

HPV: pdfWhat is HRV monitoring?

Chau Le (Perana) , Lyndell Bruce (RMIT), Simon Moule 

Sport Science students: ie) RMIT, Deakin, La Trobe

Injury Prevention / Wellness Program (P.I.M.P)

pdfPIMP Program

  • Physiotherapists: Lifecare
  • Dietician: Lisa Middelton
  • Performance Psychologist: Leah Fogarty
  • Podiatrist: Steph Carter
  • Medical Practitioners: Sue Reddish, Amanda Sherwen (Deakin, St Vincents)

Sue Reddish, Kirrily Zimmerman, Jan Daniher, Amanda Sherwen, Elyce Carlyle, Lacey Oakley

Team Managers  2017 Anne Marie Poston, Wes Armstrong, Julie Ward
Primary Carers 2017 Yinka Olorunnife, Madi Taylor, Shannen Bertram, Seb Evans, Amanda Sherwen
Bench Officials  2017 Kirrily Zimmerman, Sam King, Grant Kennerley



Fitness Testing Nov / Dec > prn
Holiday running and gym program December - January
Pre-season program Mondays & Wednesdays
In- season group S&C / court work Mondays
In-season group gym program Fridays, teams rotate 
Home / gym based S&C programs Individualised
Physiotherapy, Nutrition, Psychology programs Individualised, as required

Costs to players 2017

Club Fee $320                   (Vixens & Magpies players exempt)
Netball Vic State Membership $71 or $51 > self registration
HRV Monitor $78
Uniform Free – provided by Champion Teamwear
Gym Membership 12 months Free – provided by Anytime Fitness, Kew & Balwyn

There are no other fees payable by VNL players - all other costs are covered by Boroondara Netball Association and our sponsors.

What do we expect from all players, coaches and team personnel?

  • To submit a signed VNL player form and a club contract
    • To pay fees by due date
    • To attend training and match sessions as are directed by the Head Coach
  • To complete home training as directed by the Fitness Coaches
  • To participate in such fundraising and promotional activities as are directed by the Association in their capacity as managers of Boroondara Power.  These activities include junior development activities organised by the Association;
  • To comply with sponsorship requirements as directed by Boroondara Power’s managing body, the Boroondara Netball Association.
  • To work together according to our club culture (above) for the betterment of the club and players.
  • To adhere to communication pathways and dispute resolution procedures as directed by the Boroondara Netball Association.

What have we achieved?

  • 2009: Championship & 19U Grand Finalists
  • 2010: Div One Premiers
  • 2011: Div One Premiers & Championship Grand Finalists
  • 2012: Div One and 19U Grand Finalists
  • 2013: Div One Premiers & 19U finalists
  • 2014: Championship & Div One finalists
  • 2015: Championship Premiers & Division One finalists
  • 2016: Championship finalists & Division One Grand Finalists
  • Ongoing significant representation at all levels of the Netball Victoria player, coach and team personnel pathways – State teams, VIS, ANL, Vixens / Collingwood Magpies AIS, National.
  • A tangible and accessible PATHWAY for netballers in the local community from Junior Development Programs to Representative Teams to VNL and beyond. 

Club Culture

Honesty, Passion, Commitment, Unity

Welcoming & inclusive club environment

  • Honesty and transparency.
  • Respect and positive working relationships between all participants in the program including players, coaches, administrators, committees, sponsors, selectors and umpires.
  • Club rather than individual focus / squad rather than team focus.
  • Club loyalty - excellent player retention rate
  • Social activities to encourage club and team cohesiveness.
  • Strong financial base, working to minimise costs to all participants
  • Awards for off court club involvement (volunteering, coaching, administration)
  • Succession planning to ensure the ongoing success of the club
  • Willingness to trial new, innovative ideas for the betterment of the club.


  • Opportunities for players to progress through teams to reach Championship Division and beyond.
  • Ongoing PATHWAY to higher performance levels for players, coaches and team personnel
  • Talent Identification Program for talented players in the local community via Boroondara Power teams.
  • Pathway for coaches from the local community to develop and access VNL coaching positions.

Community Involvement

  • Open selection policy
  • Supportive relationship with local Council and State / Federal Government
  • Long term, loyal sponsors
  • Community engagement via coaching clinics, home games

Elite Development Program 

  • Holistic program that provides for the individual needs of athletes
  • Qualified sport science personnel delivering netball specific & individualized strength and conditioning program
  • Experienced elite level coaches
  • Access to specialised health professionals
  • Formalised review and feedback systems in place for both individual and team performance

VNL Coaching History

Year  Championship  Division One 19 and Under S&C

 Richelle McKenzie

Ass: Nicole Keegan

Shelley O'Donnell

Ass: Cath Haynes

Wendy Fleming

Ass: Amanda Sherwen 

Paul Carbis

 Richelle McKenzie

Ass: Helen Lonsdale

Nicole Keegan

Ass: Katie Upton 

Wendy Fleming

Ass: Jess Macdowell 

Paul Carbis

Nicole Keegan

Ass: Leesa Gallard

Sarndra Kennerley 

Ass: Gayle Lambert

Wendy Fleming  Kylie Williams

Nicole Keegan

Ass: Leesa Gallard

Sarndra Kennerley 

Ass: Gayle Lambert

Amanda Sherwen  Kylie Williams

Nicole Keegan 

Ass: Leesa Gallard

Sarndra Kennerley

Ass: Victoria Fields 

Amanda Sherwen

Ass: Steph Carter 

Kylie Williams

Robynn Pym

Ass: Sarndra Kennerley 

Allyson Hook > Sarndra Kennerley

Ass: Steph Carter

Nicole Keegan 

Ass: Tim Smith

Calvin Pane, Wes Carter

Robynn Pym

Ass: Sarndra Kennerley

App: Steph Carter  

Lyndell Bruce

Ass: Victoria Fields

Sharon Massey-Chase

Ass: Tim Smith

Simon Moule

Robynn Pym

Ass: Sarndra Kennerley, Steph Carter

Lyndell Bruce

Ass: Victoria Fields

Sharon Massey-Chase

Ass: Eliza Allen, Yvonne Porter

Simon Moule

Ass: Darcy Smith


Wendy Jacobsen & Sarndra Kennerley

Ass: Melissa Ryan

Lyndell Bruce

Ass: Clare Kenyon

Eliza Allen

Ass: Yvonne Porter

Simon Moule

VNL awards



Most Valuable Player

MVP RunnerUp Coach Award              


2016 Libby Birch /Christie Hillberg   Michelle Massaraney

Emma Ryde

  Libby Birch, Sarah Main

Wendy Jacobsen

  Lara Dunkley

Wendy Jacobsen  

Ash Howard

Kate Macleod


Karen Dennis, Kasey Stanaway  

  Karen Dennis

Kathleen Knott

Mel Cranston

 Mel Cranston  

2010 Kathleen Knott, Nat Eden    
2009 Kasey Stanaway   Player's Player: Mel Cranston
2016 Shae Gee   Jo Dash
2015 Tamara Luke Ella Bertachini / Montana Holmes

Ruth Smith

2014 Gretta Hankinson   Elaine Osei-Safo
2013 Jess Jone   Gretta Hankinson

Krista Tomlinson

Michelle Massarany  
2011 Olivia Aughton   Christie Hillberg
2010 Lauren Close   Ella Priestley

Olivia Aughton

Emma Moir  
2016 Olivia Ellis   Chloe Coffin
2015 Hinemoa Collier   Olivia Ellis
2014 Georgia Vines   Jamie Chamberlain
2013 Jess McNamara Maddy Balson

Player's Player: Kim Hillberg

2012 Emma Ryde-Coad, Kim Hillberg Maddy Balson  
2011 Michelle Massaraney Kim Hillberg  
2010 Nicole Lindley Michelle Massarany  
2009 Ella Priestley Lacey Oakley  
2016 Krista Tomlinson    
2015 Lara Dunkley    
2014 Michelle Massaraney    


 Express Distinction Awards - for outstanding contribution

 Year to VNL CLUB to BNAssociation  
2016 Simon Moule Brodie Smith
2015 Steph Carter, Tim Smith  Lara Dunkley
2014 Ashlee Howard Maddy Balson

Tamara Luke              

Amanda Sherwen      


Nicole Keegan

Sarndra Kennerley

Nat Eden

Gayle Lambert


Lauren Close, Tamara Luke     
2009   n/a Kath Woolcock

High Performance Achievements 2017

 pdfAthlete Pathway           


2017 World Youth Cup Squad: Emma Ryde, Kate Eddy, Matilda Garrett, Samantha Gooden

2017 21&U Australian Squad: Emma Ryde, Kate Eddy, Matilda Garrett, Samantha Gooden

Bench Officials: Kirrily Zimmerman, Sam King                                           


Melbourne Vixens: Emma Ryde, Kate Eddy (training partner)

Collingwood Magpies: Matilda Garrett & Sam Gooden (training partners); Wendy Jacobsen (specialist coach)

Bench Officials: Kirrily Zimmerman, Sam King


Victorian Fury: Lara Dunkley, Kate Eddy, Libby Birch (training partner)

Tassie Magpies: Sam Gooden, Matilda Garrett, Zanna Jodlowska

Northern Territory Lightning: Karlie Foster

VIS Scholarship Shannon Freeman, Kate Eddy, Matilda Garrett, Sam Gooden, Alex Moody

17U Victorian Team: Alex Moody, Tegan Stephenson

19U Victorian Team: Matilda Garrett

17U Victorian Team Assistant Coach: Lyndell Bruce 

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Saturdays outdoors at the Boroondara Netball Centre. Monday evenings at the Boroondara Sports Complex.
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