Registration and State Membership

State Membership ensures that clubs, players and the Association are legally protected and have personal accident insurance. As such, state membership is COMPULSORY for all players, umpires and coaches each year and applies prior to the first time you take the court each year.

Regardless of whether you have paid your state membership with another organisation, EVERY player must register with Boroondara Netball Association each year. This ensures that you will appear on your club / team list. If you have already paid, the system automatically deletes the payment for you so that you do not pay twice. If you have not registered, you will have no insurance cover and will be deemed to be an unregistered player - meaning your team will lose 4 points. 

Login Issues:

pdfSelf Registration Summary

Other resources available from NV:  Completing the self-registration Process  and   Your MyNetball record


Each CLUB has set up their own registration on-line site where every member will self-register with their club. If you have signed up with a club you will be sent their registration details, links and payment options or you can click on the relevant link below. Most clubs are including their full membership fees on the system; some are doing State Membership fees only and will organise club fees separately.

CLUB Membership Forms 2019 > please click on your club link to register 

CGGS Membership Form                   active                       
C'Well Sth NC Senior Membership Form: 
C'Well Sth NC Junior Membership Form active
Canterbury Netball Club Registration 2019
Fintona Membership Form active  
Genazzano Membership Form active 
Kew District Netball Membership
Koonung Heights Membership Form active
MGGS Membership Form active
MLC Stars Netball Registration
MANC Registration
Ruyton Membership Form active
Strathcona Membership Form active

 2. INDIVIDUAL TEAMS: not part of a club

All Team Managers have received the appropriate link to forward their players, coaches and umpires to self-register with Boroondara Netball Association. Click on this link and follow the prompts, even if you have registered with another organisation / team. This will ensure that you are included on your team list. 

Any problems, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for help.

3. UMPIRES: if you are not a member of a club / team

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the appropriate link to register.