Selection Process

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Selection Process

1.   Notification: 

      Information is available at least 3 weeks prior to selections in the following ways:

  • information is posted on the board at the Boroondara Netball Centre
  • information and application forms are posted on the website
  • club secretaries / team managers are each notified by email
  • current players receive application forms by email
  • some players are "identified" on Saturdays and personally invited to attend.

2.   Eligibility:

  • submit a Player Profile form by the due date
  • attend selections
  • ALL players must play with a BNA Saturday netball team, umpire, coach or have been in the Boroondara Power Talent pathway  

3.   Selectors: 

      Panel of selectors elected by selection coordinator 

  • Selection panel's decision is FINAL
  • Accept that the group decision may differ from individual selectors' and past coaches views
  • Strict adherence to Boroondara Netball Association policies and procedures
  • Declare conflicts of interest
  • Confidentiality:  Do not discuss decisions, conversations regarding selections / players
  • Hand over all notes at the conclusion of selections

 4.   New Players' Screening: 

  1. assessment of all new players looking particularly at hand-eye coordination, elevation and speed, agility on the court
  2. some are invited back to the Selection Trials with current players
  3. selectors may also screen players at the courts on Saturdays.

5.  Current Players' Coaches reports:  

     Written by each coach about each player in current squad. Includes:

  • Skills
  • Weaknesses
  • Potential
  • Attitude & commitment
  • Attendance at training and matches
  • Group dynamics 

6.  Selection Trials: 

     Performance "that day" only

  • each selector on panel writes notes on each player                                                                                          
  • Each  selector on panel selects teams independently based on selection performance only.                           
  • Lists given to selection co-ordinator after selections for collating

7.  Injured / Unavailable Players:

  • To submit explanation and medical certification (where appropriate)
  • To attend selections where possible

8.   Commitment: Other commitments during season to be declared ie) MLC Marshmead

9    Collation: of all information by selection coordinator to finalise team lists

10. Coaches: selected

What are we looking for?

1.   Individual:

  • Body type ie) height, athleticism, strength etc
  • Foundation skills: ball handling, footwork, specialist skills
  • Fitness: speed, change of direction, strength & power
  • Mental skills: recovery from mistakes, ability to re-focus, accountable, leadership qualities, ability to create change, works as a member of a unit
  • Decision making skills
  • Intensity / work ethic
  • Coachability
2.   Team:
  • Team balance: Are the best individual players the best combination within the team?
  • Style of play: Need different styles of players so there is the option to change the style of play in a match   ie) attacking vs defending midcourt; long vs close shooter; impact players


  • All queries to be in writing to the Association; no verbal discussions
  • Players may request written feedback on their individual selection performance / coaches reports if they have been successful to the FINAL round of trials. This request must be in writing to the selection coordinator. The response will be a written summary of information available.

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