Umpire Roster

July 29All umpires who have registered will receive an Umpire Availability form once the fixtures have been finalised. The weekly roster is then prepared from these sheets.  

**If you have indicated that you ARE available and for some reason, then cannot umpire, please show us the courtesy of finding a REPLACEMENT before the easy option of simply emailing that you are unavailable. Your position as an umpire is a PAID position within an organisation where most are volunteers and, as such, you have a responsibility to attend. Please email Meg to advise of any changes.

Thank you for your commitment.

Weekly Umpire Roster 2017

pdfAugust 19


  • Aug 19: 2.00pm

Compulsory for ALL badged, badge trainees + mentors

Presenter: Kate Wright, International Umpire

Please continue to check the CONFIRMED final roster on Friday nights as this roster can often change! 

Umpire Administration:   Meg Hopper   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.