Ciara Nelson

Ciara Nelson is a talented young netballer who played in our Boroondara Express VNL Talent squad in 2016. Her sister Rylee has recently been selected in our 19U VNL team.

During a netball match earlier this year Ciara fell and hit her head, prompting routine head injury investigations. A tumour, originally thought to be benign, was inadvertently discovered and, unfortunately a week before Christmas, was found to have developed into a high grade glioma, an aggressive malignant brain tumour which is inaccessible and therefore inoperable.

Ciara is currently seeing Prof. Andrew Kaye, a world renowned neurosurgeon and the family are also exploring other options around the world.

Clearly this will potentially incur significant expenses and we are asking the Boroondara netball community to consider financial support for the Ciara's battle.

Click here for the GoFundMe link to donate. Thankyou.