Dispute Resolution

Ideally we would like any potential grievances to be resolved AT THE TIME! This means that, if you have a concern, you simply come to the office and request the presence of the court supervisor. She/he can then assess the issue first hand and either RESOLVE the problem there and then OR provide an unbiased report to the Committee supporting / refuting your allegations.

The Committee thoroughly investigates every grievance report, obtaining reports from opposition teams, umpires and any other unbiased sources. This takes a significant amount of work by volunteers, collecting and collating relevant reports, so please do not lodge trivial or vengeful allegations.

Similarly, if you have not sought the assistance of the Court Supervisor AT THE TIME, there is very little that we can do without unbiased witnesses to support your allegations.


Conduct disputes on the court / in front of players, especially children   
Approach, harass or ctiricise TRAINEE umpires - this is called BULLYING and strict penalties will apply
  • All have the courage and commitment to be participating
  • All are supervised
  • All have satisfied minimum accreditation requirements
  • Their knowledge of the game may very well be greater than yours
  • Your interpretation of events will naturally be biased
  • It may be your daughter / son one day!
Engage in disputes with officials / administrators
  • They are volunteers creating the opportunity for YOU / YOUR children to participate


Your captain ONLY may approach umpires at 1/2 time for RULE CLARIFICATION, not disputes         
Ask for a COURT SUPERVISOR to assess the issue first hand. It will be too late after the game. The committee cannot pass judgement on incidents if not witnessed by an UNBIASED source
It is wise to go home and reflect on the issue concerning you before taking action. Generally you will be frustrated and upset and may say or write things that you will regret
If you would like a formal investigation and response from the Committee, download the Grievance Form.
  • This must be completed and signed by your official TEAM MANAGER.
  • We will then obtain reports from opposition, umpires, relevant spectators and discuss at the following committee meeting.
  • A written response will then be forwarded to the TEAM MANAGER and apporpriate action taken.


NV State Membership

In 2017, we will be managing our player, coach, umpire and committee Netball Victoria state memberships via the MyNetball on-line system. This means that EVERY player, coach, umpire will self-register on-line. This is a compulsory requirement for all and applies prior to the first time you take the court in 2017. If you have not registered, you will have no insurance cover and will be deemed to be an unregistered player - meaning your team will lose 4 points.

Why? pdfMyNetball 2017 State Membership 

Login Issues? Once you have logged in, the process is simple; however, if you have problems with the intial login please check the document pdf2017 State Membership Guide.

Registering / Paying twice?   This will no longer be an issue. If you have registered and paid with another Association / Rep team etc, when you register with BNA or your club, the system automatically deletes the payment for you, but we still receive your details / registration. If you have manually paid another organisation and they haven't updated your membership, you will need to ask them for a refund.


1. Clubs:

Each CLUB has set up their own registration on-line site where every member will self-register with their club. If you have signed up with a club you will be sent their registration details, links and payment options or you can click on the relevant link below. Most clubs are including their full membership fees on the system; some are doing State Membership fees only and will organise club fees separately.

Club Membership Forms 2017 > please click on your club link to register 

  • CGGS Netball Membership Form
  • CSNC State Membership Form
  • Fintona Saturday Netball Membership Form  
  • Genazzano FCJ College Netball Membership Form
  • Kew District Netball Membership
  • KHNC State Membership Form - please contact club
  • MGGS Saturday Netball Membership Form
  • MLC Stars Netball Registration Form
  • MANC State Membership Form
  • NBNC Netball Membership Form
  • Ruyton Netball Club State Membership Form
  • St Anne's Membership Form  
  • Strathcona Saturday Netball Membership Form

2.Individual teams (not part of a club):  Your Team Manager will forward each player a link to the BNA on-line registration site or you can click here > 2017 BNA State Memberships to register. This means that Individual Team Managers will no longer collect state membership fees as part of your team payment. 

3.Others not affiliated to any team / club:eg) includes umpires, committee. (Insert "No Team" for Team Name). Please click on the link 2017 BNA State Memberships. 


"Back to Netball" Tournament

Fund Raising and Community Engagement for our elite Boroondara Express Victorian Netball League teams

Special guest appearances by our elite players

Special netball clinics and activities to be held throughout the day by our very own VNL players            

and many more fun activities planned throughout the day!


Date                  Saturday, March 25                       
Venue Boroondara Netball Centre, Macleay Park, North Balwyn           

Years 4, 5, 6: 8.30am - 12.00pm

Years 7 & over: 12.30pm - 3.30pm

(exact times may vary depending on teams entering)

Matches 2 x 7min halvesTop 2 teams in each section will play off in finals
Entry Fee $55 per teams (GST inclusive)

Clubs: Please indicate on your Saturday Comp Entry form which teams are entering

Individual Team entry: Click HERE

Entries Close March 10  (same date as team entries due)


- All teams/clubs must be registered to play in the Boroondara Netball Association Saturday competition commencing April 22nd 2017

- All players must have 2017 Netball Victoria State Membership (insurance).  If you have not already self-registered with your team / club, please do so before playing. You will have been sent the relevant link to do on-line state memberships by your club / team manager.

- Each team must supply an accredited umpire - preferably badge; minimum Theory + Level 1 course

  Umpires will be pooled and rostered by BNA to accomodate those who are also playing

- Teams / clubs may use this tournament to internally "grade" their teams for the main season

Season 1, 2017 Competition

Entry is now open for team registration for the 2017 Season 1 (Winter) competiton.

Club Entry:

If you are playing with a CLUB - not an individual team - you need to contact the CLUB for their registration information. Click here for Club Contacts.

The clubs then enter their teams with the Association and manages their own player registrations.

Individual Team Entry

pdfHow to Enter and Register your Team

Indvidual teams should enter and submit their details online together with the entry fee of $110.

You can pay by Direct Debit or by PayPal /credit card using our PayPal facility.

For the Registration form, please click on the relevant link below depending on which method of payment you prefer.

Pay by Direct Debit

Pay with PayPal

 Your Team Manager will then receive a Team List form xlsTeam List & Payment and a link for each player to self-register at 2017 State Membership


Don't forget to register for our "Back to Netball" Tournament!! Click here

"Back to Netball" Tournament Entry

Individual Team Entry

Entry is now open for team registration for the 2017 "Back to Netball" tournament.

Club teams will enter via their CLUB entry form.

Indvidual TEAMS can enter by:

1. selecting your payment choice - you can pay by Direct Debit or by PayPal /credit card .

2. click on whichever link is relevant below according to payment choice.


Pay by Direct Debit

Pay with PayPal


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