Understanding transmission patterns of COVID-19


  • The virus is highly contagious
  • Incubation period (time from exposure to symptoms) ~ 5 - 14 days
  • Can be infectious 2-3 days before symptoms develop
  • Density quotient of 1 person per 4m2 = total area divided by 4
  • Stay away if unwell > get tested
  • Self isolation for 14 days if exposed to the virus


  • Droplets fly out of our mouths / nose when we cough, sneeze or speak
  • Droplets can potentially be propelled to approx. 2metres
  • Droplets are then directly inhaled by people close by
  • No direct close contact
  • 1.5m distancing
  • Personal hygiene measures when coughing / sneezing


  • Droplets land on a surface and we pick them up on our hands and then touch our face
  • Droplets are transferred to an infected person’s hands when they touch their face and then to you when you shake their hand / hug etc
  • Surface disinfection including balls
  • Hand and face hygiene
  • Consider: ball handling, changing bibs, sharing whistles, towels, drink bottles, sunscreen, phones, food
  • Consider when touching door handles, handrails, tables, cups, electronic devices, pens, toys, phones, light switches


*inconclusive evidence

Airborne: particles remain in the air for periods of time and then inhaled

  • *Faecal-Oral: the virus is excreted in faeces
  • *Blood
  • *Mother to Baby transmission in utero or via breast milk
  • *Animal contact (pets)
  • Facemasks now considered necessary
  • Gloves not considered necessary (can increase transmission risk)


  • Mild 81%
  • Severe 14%
  • Critical 5%

Co-morbidities = Vulnerable 

  • Immunocompromising conditions / medications
  • Heart disease / Stroke / Unstable Diabetes / Hypertension / Obesity / Smoking
  • Chronic lung / kidney / liver disease
  • Cancer
  • Age / Dementia / frailty
  • Alcohol & drug dependency
  • Homeless / public housing / residential facilities

Vulnerable participants:

  • Discuss personal safety with relevant medical specialist
  •  “Opt in” participation
  • Consider a delay a return to netball or a graded return
  • Strict social distancing measures
  • Note: not just players, includes team personnel, admin

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