Competition Details

Competition Structure:


  • BNA Saturday Autumn/Winter, Year 5 – open age
  • BNA Friday Autumn/Winter, Year 4
  • BNA Saturday Spring Fling, Year 5 – open age (Term 4)
  • BNA Friday Spring Fling, Year 3 & 4 (Term 4)

DATES 2022:



Saturday Autumn/Winter
  • Round 1: March 26
  • 15 rounds + 2 finals = 17
  • Grand Finals: September 3
  • No netball: April 9, 16, 23 /June 11, 25 / July 2, 9
Friday Autumn/Winter
  • Round 1: March 25
  • 17 rounds, no finals
  • Round 17: September 2
  • No netball: April 8, 15, 22 /      June 10, 24 / July 1, 8
Spring Fling
  • Round: October 7/8
  • 6 rounds + 1 final
  • Christmas Finale: Nov 25/26
  • No netball: Oct 28/29



  • ALL year 5 & 6 teams will participate in the finals series
  • From year 7, the top 4 will compete in finals: 1v4, 2v3 knockout
  • In Spring, ALL teams participate in the Christmas Finale.


  • Fridays: 4.00, 4.40, (5.20pm if needed)
  • Saturdays: 8.00am – 5.00pm, commencing with Year 5


  • 4 x 10 min quarters; 2 min half time break; straight changeover at ¼ & ¾ time (no siren)
  • No injury time due to central timing


  • Divisions are based on school year level, not age
  • Teams with players from more than 1 year level must enter in the higher level & we will grade accordingly 


  • Grading is based on school year, previous results, team lists and information provided by clubs
  • The Association will re-grade only when and where considered necessary by the grading committee.
  • Re-grading will not occur until at least 4 rounds have been played 
  • There is no re-grading in Spring


See page 8 Bylaws

  • In fairness to the opposition team, forfeiting is strongly discouraged.
  • A “scratch match” using players from other teams will avoid a fine to the offending team.
  • A significant forfeit fine of $100 will be imposed, UNLESS the Association This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is advised no later than 2pm on the day before the game.


  • We aim for a maximum of only 2 byes during the season and no byes in Spring
  • Teams receive 4 points for a bye.
  • Teams may request a maximum of 2 dates for byes and we will do our best to comply.


Click link:

Compulsory Pre-requisites:


  • Please ensure your members – including parents / spectators – read the information available here
  • Every team / club must appoint a Covid-Safe Officer – to be included on your team list. They will be responsible for the Covid-Safe behaviour of their own players, personnel and parents.


All PARTICIPANTS AND SPECTATORS must abide by our Codes of Behaviour


  • All team personnel aged 18 yrs & over must have a current Working With Children Check, including umpires, coaches, team managers, volunteers, officials
  • Click here for more information


Every player, coach & umpire must hold a NV State Membership before taking the court.

This ensures that players, clubs/ teams & the Association are legally protected & have personal accident insurance. This fee is payable once a year only and provides cover for 12 months in ANY Netball Victoria affiliated competition. 100% of this fee is paid to Netball Victoria. 

  • Players & Officials will self-register via the club / Association Netball Connect registration system.
  • This is a new registration platform with NO relationship to My Netball.
  • Clubs will send all players & officials a link to their specific Netball Connect registration form.
  • Players & officials will register to every competition in which they participate ie) Winter / Spring / Power - but they will only pay once a year.

EXCEPTION: Year 3 JuniorNet players who have a group insurance package with Sportscover


Year 4

  • Each team must provide an umpire for their own game each week.
  • These umpires must have completed the on-line Netball Victoria Theory test.
  • As this section is non-competitive and the emphasis is on participation, skill development, learning the rules and fun, umpires may be trainees / coaches / parents and are encouraged to coach / teach the players whilst umpiring.
  • Guidelines for umpiring this level are available on our website here. 

Year 5 - 9

  • Each team is encouraged to nominate an umpire (incl. trainees) to umpire EVERY week for the panel.
  • The Association will roster and pay all umpires according to their availability form. Umpires do not umpire their own team/club match.
  • There is an option to instead pay an UMPIRE LEVY of $250 ($125 Spring) ; however our aim is to encourage ongoing umpire development, not financial gain. If you do not nominate an umpire, the team will pay the Umpire Levy.

Year 10 +

  • ALL senior teams are required to provide one accredited umpire (badged or badge trainee) for senior matches every second week (= 8 weeks / 3 weeks Spring).
  • Clubs will provide umpires as such: number senior teams x ½. [ie.10 senior teams = 5 umpires per week]
  • You may apply to the Association to assist in finding you a team umpire.
  • Clubs will pay umpires for these games at a rate negotiated between the team / club and umpire.
  • There is NO OPTION to pay the Umpire Incentive Payment in lieu of providing an umpire.
  • The Association will provide (and pay) all other umpires including umpires for grand finals. 

General Information:


Boroondara Netball Centre, Macleay Park, 101 Belmore Rd, North Balwyn - 8 outdoor synpave courts 


Players may only be a member of ONE team / club. They can fill in for other teams but once they have played 3 games with a higher team, they cannot play with the lower again > see by-law 15 (a) 

  • Teams may only submit team entries with a minimum of 7 confirmed players.
  • Clubs may NOT have more than 3 teams in the same year level unless each team has a minimum of 10 confirmed players
  • If your players cannot COMMIT to a team for the entire season, then please use them as EMERGENCIES only.
  • If your team is short of players, we have a waiting list of players keen to join. 

FINALS:See Page 7/8 Bylaws

  • Players must play at least 5 games (1 game in Spring) in a team to qualify for finals
  • If the team has less than 7 eligible players, a player from a lower section may fill in
  • Players may only play in one finals match per day


  • No restrictions based on gender in primary school teams (as per legislation).        
  • From Yr 7, all BNA competitions are classified as “MODIFIED MIXED”
  • Maximum 0 - 3 males on the weekly team list
  • Maximum 0 - 3 males on court at one time according to positions   see by-laws.
  • Sections are based on skill level, not gender > please communicate this to your members / parents! 


All players must wear their club uniform unless specific exemptions are obtained.


  • ALL clubs are required to carry their own first aid kits
  • The Association employs a registered nurse > available in the first aid room
  • The Association does NOT provide tape / bandaids for earrings > can purchase @ $4 a roll



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