Fast5 at BNA

Fast5 is a modified high energy, fast flow netball game designed to test fitness, technical ability and tactical awareness.


  • Up to 10 players per team
  • 5 players on court > GS, GA, C, GD, GK (no wings)
  • Maximum of 2 males on court at one time, spread across court C & D / C & G / G & D
  • Teams must provide their own ball and scorer


  • Any time, with no stoppages
  • Any number
  • Substitute player “tags” player coming off
  • Substitution designated area = middle of centre third


  • 4 x 7min quarters
  • 2 minutes half time, straight swap quarter times
  • No injury time


  • Winner of pre-game toss takes first centre pass
  • Teams alternate taking first centre pass each quarter ie) 1 & 3 / 2 & 4
  • Centre passes taken by the team that did not score the last goal


  • 1 goal point from within the goal circle
  • 2 goal points if shot from outside the goal circle (wholly outside) = “Super Shot”
  • Goal points doubled during a team’s Power Play Quarter
  • Only the 2 goalers may score goals


  • Each team selects a POWER PLAY quarter where all goals scored are worth double points
  • The team that wins the toss has first choice in selecting it’s Power Play quarter
  • Teams cannot have the same Power Play quarter

DRAW (applies to finals only)

  • Captains toss for centre pass
  • No Power Play applies
  • One minute extra time then, if still drawn, play until one team scores a goal


  • Players ordered off for disciplinary reasons cannot be substituted
  • Time off = 1 minute
  • Time wasting not allowed > teams must immediately progress the ball to goal end when directed by umpire